Indian Journalist Vallabh Kaviraj who founded own newspaper in English in 1973 to promote harmony and better understanding between host community and ethnic people in UK, awarded British Empire Medal for his service to the multicultural society

He was born during the British Raj, in small Village of Gujarat-India, gaining Primary education in the village and higher education in Surat and Billimora, then became a teacher for two years and save money for further study. Parents were running their own shop in the city where he estblisblished the shop while he was working as a teacher helping parents running their shop, then he came to London by air India airline to London for business course, In London firstly gained technical training in film industry and studied part time business course and found office work through employment agency, eventually he got permanent office work in large commercial steel organisation in London until retirement and during his retirement time studied journalism and founded his own newspaper The AEN in London 1973, print version in broadsheet size format until 1999 and then moved to web version from 1999 because of readers demand, also he founded his two more titles: Global Business Focus and AEN News Diary and his newspapers’ websites are reaching out globally. His journalistic work is well recognised and awarded BEM (British Empire Medal),serving the multiracial, multicultural society and the media in the UK. His wife qualified English teacher who taught in India, in London he got her teaching number from the authority in the UK and then she got a teaching job as supply teacher in London and retired as the English teacher in London, the couple got London born two daughters who got degree and working in media and as devoted parents, specially he took great interest in bringing up greatly, choosing to send in girls’ School in London where he became a parent governor for six years and the same time as the founding owner and the founding editor of his own newspaper The AEN, he is editing and runnig his own newspaper for the global readership from London. Also he is editing two more titles which he founded along with his main title The AEN and editing them continuously for the global readership.
He is the long-standing journalist and he is the founding owner, the founding editor of The AEN-The Asian Express Newspaper founded in London 1973 print version in broadsheet size format until 1999 and changed to website from 1999, publishing for the global readers from London and reaching worldwide. Also his two titles namely Global Business Focus and AEN News Diary founded by himself along with his own newspaper The AEN-The Asian Express Newspaper also on line along with his own newspaper The AEN, serving globally.