UK government announcing its national credit support for businesses exporting to India

Credit: Suresh Prabhu

India’s Commerce and Industry  Minister Suresh Prabhu who is visiting Britain, held talks with Britain’s International  Trade Minister , Liam Fox, in London as a part of the 12th meeting of the UK-India Joint Economic and Trade Committees to discuss greater cooperation  between the two countries and identify barriers to trade and investment, said media news report.

Reportedly as part of deliberations, Liam Fox announced that the UK’s national export credit agency, UK Export Finance, has more then doubled its financial support to enable UK businesses to trade with India.

According to media news report, this means 4.5 billion pounds will now be available for UK companies  exporting to India as well as  Indian buyers of UK goods and services.

Reportedly the minister said the UK government would work closely with India to break down barriers to boost trade, media news report said.

-AENNS 12/01/2018

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