India’s PM Modi reiterates India’s commitment towards world peace

In a message on completion of hundred years of the end of World War One and reportedly Mr Modi remembered the brave soldiers who fought in the first World War, saying India was not directly involved yet its solders fought world over, just for the cause of peace, said media news report.

According to media news report, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has had the honour of paying tributes at the Neuve-Chapelle Memorial in France and at the memorial in Israel’s Haifa, places associated with India’s role in the First World War.

Reportedly world leaders have gathered in Paris to mark the occasion, Around 70 leaders of the word  will mark the centenary of the 1918 Armistice in the French capital. British Prime Minister Theresa May and the Queen Elizabeth reportedly will attend a separate event in London, media news report said.

-AENNS 11/11/2018

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