India believes in growth but protecting environment too

Addressing the World Sustainable Development summit in New Delhi,¬† India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi reportedly said that India believes in growth but also believe in protecting environment too, saying the country is on the path of meeting its Copenhagen pledge and on track of reducing emission intensity and he said campaign for clean India has moved from streets of Delhi to every nook and corner of the country.

Reportedly Prime Minister Modi also said India has always believed in good governance for everyone, saying the country has laounched the world’s largest health scheme and he said country’s development need is enormous.

Prime Minister Modi reportedly said Indians consider Earth as our mother and all resources belong to nature and Almighty and we are just managers of the wealth and said India is already word’s fifth largest producer of solar power.

According to media report, Environment and Forest Minister Dr, Harsh Vardhan reportedly said environmental  protection should become a citizen movement, saying India is committed to nurturing a healthy planet.

Reportedly over 2000 delegates from different countries are participating in the summit, said new report.



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