In India, Government at Centre and states will have to focus on agriculture and rural infrastructure, said Finance Minister Jaitely

Addressing FICCI National Executive Committee meeting on Monday evening in New Delhi, India’s Finance Minister Arun Jaitley reportedly has said, the potential for growth and higher GDP really lies in two areas and  the government […]

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Voice of Readers Section

Voice of Readers Section ************* Opinion in a letter form to The Editor In this modern age, the world is changing fast and people have their opinions and would like to express as a voice concerning […]

Poetic Vision

Poem: Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth Nature is troubled with rusty air all creatures fear everywhere what will happen if none care none believe God is where! Fighting fighting everywhere but none got an end anywhere It is […]


India celebrated 69th Republic Day, inviting 10 heads of ASEAN countries as guests, joining RD celebration and gathering looked for greater role of India for peace and prosperity in region

India celebrated its 69th Republic Day (RD) yesterday, inviting 10 heads  of states of ASEAN countries they joined the celebration and asking for greater roll of India to play in the region for peace and […]