Mr Vallabh Kaviraj is a poet and journalist. He is the owner and founding father of The AEN – The Asian Express Newspaper, Britain’s first Asian named newspaper in English, was founded in December 1973, printed and published in broadsheet size format and distributed nationwide since March 1974 from London until 1999, and then expanded to worldwide web, published daily online since 1999, reaching readers globally.

Also he has founded Global Business Focus and The AEN News Diary, printed and published in English language till 1999 and expanded to worldwide web and published online along with The AEN – The Asian Express Newspaper, all three newspapers are reaching readers globally.

The AEN -The Asian Express Newspaper and its two newspapers are independent newspapers founded by Vallabh Kaviraj and created a platform for the society  at large, bridging a communication gap and  promote better understanding among peoples globally.

The world is one society therefore to promote better understanding and harmony among the people are the theme of our papers.

Mr. Kaviraj is a family man and he took a keen interest in education; his first job was teaching and after gaining journalistic profession, he started his own independent newspapers in Britain and now reaching to readers globally.

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